The staff at Dallas Hospice believes in ensuring quality of life. We strive to keep the focus on not only you, but your family as well. Learn how to get the expert medical care you need while also ensuring your entire family receives the spiritual and emotional support necessary at this difficult time. Wherever you live, your own personal home, a nursing home, hospital or assisted living facility or even one of our hospice facilities, you can take comfort in knowing that we will bring the support and care directly to you. Once you make the call to Dallas Hospice, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will begin receiving the support you need.

Receive Personal Attention from a Team in Lewisville, Specializing in Providing Help in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

In Lewisville, Dallas Hospice care provides services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area and embraces the idea that patients can best approach their last days by receiving compassionate and effective care in an environment that offers comfort and dignity while also being sensitive to their particular needs. This is accomplished by providing both emotional and physical comfort for our patients so that they can more fully concentrate on getting the most out of their final days. Patients are encouraged to:

• Engage in an activity that they have always wanted to experience
• Take part in something they enjoy
• Stay as active as possible
• Focus on their quality of life; after all, the Hospice environment is about living

At Dallas Hospice, located conveniently in the Metroplex area, the staff is dedicated to the idea that no patient should ever have to face their final days in pain, afraid or alone. Hospice offers comfort, peace and professional care to people who are terminally ill, as well as their families. With us, it is the person who is treated, not the disease. Hospice care is a philosophy that helps patients, friends and families through the last stages of a patient’s terminal illness. It emphasizes quality of life, rather than extending the days. Dallas Hospice not only emphasizes a high quality of life, but promotes dignity for every person who wishes to die in an environment that is familiar, while being surrounded by those they love.

Our Goals at Dallas Hospice:

• Provide effective symptom management and pain control to help each patient live their final days as fully and comfortably as possible.
• Customize medical, spiritual and emotional support for the patient, as well as their family.
• Provide comfort for family members through resources, personal counseling and bereavement support.